Sleeping with royalists

We had a really nice first day.


We are now ahead of schedule. No wait! What schedule? We are off for four year, let´s not do schedules, deadlines or stress.

The first thing we realized wast that we have everything we need in our bags. If fact we have just about everything we will ever need on the road. All the stuff we packed are really nice to have. Then again! It´s to much, way to much!

Second thing was, our way of travel really gives us time to enjoy life and see a lot of things on the way. Things I’m sure we would have missed if we travelled by car, train, bus or for sure airplane. We found an old road between Rimbo and Norrtälje. Much better than using the 30cm free space on road 77. The road was so nice that we kept riding until the evening. We met our first bikers on the road and a nice man riding along for a few kilometers. Even some wildlife, wild boar, deers, a viper and birds of pray.
The weather was perfect. A bit sunny with thin cloud most of the day. That´s perfect, especially for velo2 (Per) who we think were born semi transparent. Like an olm ( cave dwelling  amphibian with no pigment).
When we got past Norrtälje both the clouds and the idea of riding another meter was getting darker. We decided to get of the main road ASAP and find a place to camp for the night. Turned out to be a great idea. We got on a small path the led us to the water and we camped on top off a slope 15 meters from the water. We went for really short and cold swim before we set up camp then the plan was to cook dinner, but heaven opened up on us. We decided not to cook in the rain and just had some snacks and some bread before we slept for the night.

It turned out that insects also found this place amazing.
We would never have guessed that ants are a super social species. It was quite a welcoming party. I think everyone in the colony came to greet us. Except the queen of course. Some of them even spent the night in our tent, some in the panniers and a few on the bikes. Writing from the ferry to Estonia I I hope any free passengers look forward to a new country. I know we do!