Estonia, keeping it real!

As the sun was on it´s way down and the darkness was rolling in over the horizon we got off the ferry.  It was actually quite dark when we got on the road. So we just pushed on for about 15 minutes before we found a nice beach and our home for the night.
When we got up in the morning we realized that we could not have found a better spot. It was amazing. We had breakfast and packed our bags.





At a first glance Estonia looked much like Sweden, as one could expect. We found the architecture to be a bit different, but the main thing is that the countryside feels more alive. Both the flora and fauna. There are a greater verity of plants on the side of the road and the birdlife is quite spectacular. Someone told us that that the agriculture are about 50 years behind Sweden. Meaning that the use of pesticides and heavy machinery is not as widespread. Looking at it from a modern organic perspective one can argue that Estonia is 50 years ahead of us. We really like that there are more trees, both in the city and countryside.
The ride to Haapsalu was as challenging as it was beautiful. We had some heavy rain and then full on sunshine. On our lunch break we had about 15 storks fling around us. It seemed like the parents were practicing flying skills we there kids.

When we got to Haapsalu we had  some tomato and mozzarella for dinner and found another amazing spot for our camp.

More pictures to come. At this speed of wifi i would spend half the trip uploading photos.

Now it´s time to ride again!

Per Karlström & Carolina Nordfors