The long kiss goodbye



Our last night in Estonia turned out to be much better than we could imagine. For a while that same evening we had no hope left to find a good place to sleep. The first drops of rain fell and the sun was going down. We had cycled for a long time and took a wrong turn. We had another dog hunting us on a bad road. The road that would take us to the beach turned out to be private and close, and so on… So we went for plan B, ask for help. We decided to ask the first person we met, if we could pitch our tent in his or her garden. Turned out to be a great decision. We asked a man who was fixing his roof and he not only offered his garden, but also his sauna. And the sauna turned out to be a small house with our own room, shower and a sauna. Our first and only night indoor so far.



Edgar is a truly amazing and generous person. We lit a fire in the garden and stayed up way past midnight. It´s easy to forget about time when you have a really good discussion and a flask of fine single malt. The morning after the rain kept us all in the kitchen for a few hours, drinking coffee and continuing last nights discussions. Edgar, when you read this, thank you once again!