It´s the people!

To really enjoy a journey like this you sometimes need a boost of energy. When it´s cold and rainy you need a cup of coffee and some shelter to keep the spirit up. When you been riding all day  you truly appreciate a cool drink, usually a coke and beer!

In the long run, we think the greatest boost of energy comes from the generosity, hospitality and sheer friendliness from the locals we meet on the road.

So far on this trip we noticed that people won´t jump out on the street to greet you, but once you ask for anything they will do everything to help. The other day in Riga we were supposed to meet a guy from (community for people traveling by bike, where nice people offer a place to sleep and take a shower for free) in the pub ALA. A really nice place. Anyway, the guy never showed up and we were left to fend for ourselves quite late at night. So we asked for help. In ALA we asked a guy if they could help us to store our bike while we waited for the host from warmshowers, no problem. We put them in the room where they keep their beer. They got us a table at short notice (even though they were fully booked). And when it was apparent that the host wouldn´t show up one of the staff jumped on he´s bike to guide us to the closest hostel. The hostel had no room for us, but the staff made a reservation at another place for us and gave us directions. Extremely helpful.


DSCF4580 DSCF4585 DSCF4607

The following night about 35 kilometers from Riga we asked a young man if we could put our tent on he´s farm. This did not only give us a place to sleep but also a new chance to interact with a local. We barbecued marshmallows and discussed everything from heaven to earth. The insight into the lives of people in this region gives us much more than any postcards views can offer. All the amazing animals on the farm also helped to give us a memorable night.  With a bag of homegrown tomatoes and a few apples we had all the energy we needed to cycle into Lithuania. Where we are now. DSCF4643DSCF4620DSCF4649DSCF4625