Summer is gone

It feels like the summer has left this part of the world. For us it means that it´s a bit harder to cycle and camp, but most important, it’s time to get the hell outta here!

Currently we have a rest day in a town called, don´t remember. But it´s a nice little town in Lithuania. We bargained for a room in a small hotel. We have unpacked all our gear and spread it in the room to dry. Yesterday was a rainy and windy day. We moved at a speed of 10 kph with a strong headwind. There is no better timing for a day off. Best of all, if we rest maybe there is a chance we can eat enough to not feel hungry (hangry) for a while. Last night we even had a meal at the local restaurant. Pizza, pasta carbonara, soup with bread for starter, coke, water and a beer, in total it costed us just 10 euros.




From our room we only have two to three dogs barking tonight. Usually there are more then ten in every village. It´s a funny thing, if you keep a dog for security and it barks all night long, how do you know if someone is trespassing. A bit like installing an alarm in your home and have it beeping all night and try to figure out when someone breaks in to your home.

Our first night in Lithuania we were lucky enough to meet the cutest dog in the whole world, belonging to a truly friendly and generous family. They offered us to pitch our tent in their garden and before we went to bed they gave us watermelon and a cup of tea with a plate of local delicacies. Velo1 even found a new favorite snack. Again, the people in this region are awesome.

Tomorrow we look forward to sunshine and a magic tailwind.