Downs and mostly ups!

Since we started this trip we had five days without rain, that´s more than two thirds of rainy days. We are pretty used to rain now. While cycling it´s not to bad as long as it´s not a combination of rain and headwind. Even sleeping in a tent is ok. The problem is when it rains for days and we have no chance to dry our stuff.

It doesn’t matter if the weather is bad when there are so many nice people on the road. Last week has been an amazing one. The majority of rainy nights we spent in a warm bed in the home of friendly people. We are so amazed how many nice people we meet on the road. Monday evening we slept in a young mans garden. We made a fire and ate fruit and vegetables from the garden. He also took us on a guided tour in the area in the middle of the night, places we never would have found ourself. He also served us fresh bread and coffee in the morning.




On Tuesday the weather was terrible and we had been on the road for very long, and we didn´t find a good spot to camp, so we asked a man if we could pitch our tent in his big garden. Even better he invited us to their house and offered us a cup of tea. Turned out that they had family in Sweden so this gave us a really good opportunity to talk about the difference in culture and values. It was also a bit like coming to a Swedish embassy, we even had Swedish cheese and butter for breakfast. Amazing! I still don’t know if velo1 are keeping the family cat in her pannier.


Carolina Nordfors cyklar jorden runt biketouring

On Wednesday we cycled 80 kilometers in heavy rain and a really strong headwind. We asked for a room in a small hotel but they were full, and told us that after 7 kilometers there will be another one. After going for another 13 kilometers we still didn´t find any hotel or place to camp. Really cold, tired and wet we asked for directions at a gas station, they told us to go for another 20 kilometers, so we asked if it was ok to camp behind the gas station or any place nearby. A really friendly woman pointed out a big house on the other side of the road and said that we can stay the night there. When we got to the house her husband opened the door to the sauna for us and we slept there for the night. They had the happiest dog we have ever met and they cooked us a big breakfast the morning after. They also gave us a bag of tomatoes, apples and a jar of jam. People here are so generous.




On Thursday we stopped in a small town on our way into Poland. A guy just walked up to us and asked about our trip and where we were going. It turned out that his parents house was just 50 kilometers away in the direction we were going. As usual it was raining and we had a headwind, but knowing we had a warm bed waiting for us gave us the energy we needed to keep going. We ended up on a wet sand road and it was really hard going, even some really steep climbs where we had to jump off and push the bikes. But the landscape was one of the best so far, really beautiful. When we got to the house we had a warm shower and and amazing meal. After that we went to a party at an abandoned farm in the middle of nowhere with he´s friends. We had a huge breakfast with the family in the morning before we said goodby. Again we had a big bag of fruit and vegetables to go.

Carolina Nordfors Per Karlström cyklar jorden runt

We have visited many nice towns and had amazing views so far on this trip, spent time in fantastic nature, but again, IT`S THE PEOPLE! The people have made this trip amazing so far.