Life on the road

Carolina Cyklar jorden runt

Yesterday we hit the road again after resting our bodys and souls in Wigry for the weekend. Wigry, a nature reserve gave us not only our 6th day on this journey without rain (out of 23) but also nice nature, new people and a beautiful monastery that also comes with a bell, and a melody. Lovely to hear when you are awake, not that great when you´re trying to sleep at the camping right next to it.

Camping cykling cykelresa Per Karlström


Biketouring cykla jorden runt

After the weekends lazy days we were exited to saddle up again and wanted an early start in the morning. The weather had other plans. It´s not that we are bothered by pouring rain anymore when biking, we are way beyond that stage. It´s just that we don´t want all our stuff to be totally wet so we need just a glimpse of sunlight or at least no rainfall when we pac up our tent. We got it around two o´clock and we managed to quickly assemble all our gear and head out with the rain falling once again.



Despite the rain biking was easy, lonely roads and a touch of tailwind. That evening the road lead us to a camping with only us and a camper van. Neither they had found any reception and no one ever showed up and asked us for money so we stayed for free and the lack of other guests made us feel confident enough to occupy the dry area under the roof for the shared water tap.

After waking up almost dry outside of Augusta we hit the roads again and got an early start. Mainly big roads but a wide roadside. In Augusta we also made a quick stop for the trips first ice-cream. The road and the weather was on our side. As the road was narrowing down and we had almost no roadside it was time to set camp. Two lovely ladies on bikes helped us ask if we could camp in a garden and we were invited for dinner despite the language barriers. The only polish word we learned so far is goffry, and with that you don’t very far.



Yet another early morning. Big roads with signs we´ve never seen but after a mile or two we figure out we were not welcome on the big fancy roads. Off course that did not bother us, we had a lovely road by the side, almost by ourself. But when it started to shape itself like an S we made a shortcut. Meaning that velo 2 had to carry our bikes when there was no more road. When we were welcome back on the road again it was not at our satisfaction. With a nonexistent roadside we were forced out on the roads with cars, tractors and trucks going way faster then the speed limit leaving us with no choice then to bike out in the gras, ditch or whatever were left for us. Then suddenly, the road just opens up, you go from zero of roadside to about 20cm to bike on. The trees offers a bit of shade, there is a sudden downhill or at least flat and you can feel a slightly touch of tailwind and you feel unstoppable. Sometimes that felling only lasts for a few hundred meters. We still managed to bike 8,5 mile and got a really good deal on a hotel room where we checked in and took a well needed shower.
Today we hope for the road to lead us to Warszawa. The plan is to camp somewhere outside town and explore the city on Friday.