The secret mission

In Warsaw we calculated how long it would take us to get to Porec on the Croatian coast, the place where Carolinas father has a house. Also Carolinas mother and grandparents were visiting the house and were due to leave a few days prior to our arrival. Before we set out on the trip we had already decided to rest there for a while when we got there. The plan was to arrive in late September, we did´nt want to...

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Happy life in Poland

Shipwreck design sunglasses

Poland invited us with a smile of two fantastic brothers and when it said goodbye, it left us with a bittersweet feeling. We did´nt want to leave, on the other hand we took with us memories and friendship that will last a lifetime. Leaving the movie set we cycled and wild camped for two days before we got to our final destination in Poland. I´m a firm believer that if you do amazing things or travel to amazing places, you...

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Like in a movie!

When we went on this trip we did it to have all the time in the world, and so we have. In fact we have so much time to enjoy life that it´s sometimes hard to find time to run a blog. A bit like retired people who argue that they don´t have much time because anymore and are so busy. The last week have been a bit crazy. We have met so many inspiring and friendly people. Also we...

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