Like in a movie!

When we went on this trip we did it to have all the time in the world, and so we have. In fact we have so much time to enjoy life that it´s sometimes hard to find time to run a blog. A bit like retired people who argue that they don´t have much time because anymore and are so busy. The last week have been a bit crazy. We have met so many inspiring and friendly people. Also we have spent a lot of time in the saddle and been camping in the forest far away from any internet connection.

Anyway… We arrived tin the city of Warsaw in the early afternoon. We had contacted some hosts on without any success. This left us searching for a camping or a budget hotel. At that moment we did´nt realize that people on warmshowers were busy fixing us a room for the night. We got a text message from Adrian (a Polish guy from warm showers) with a few host that were happy to host us for the night. Amazing!
We spend two nights in Warszawa at our host Szymons place. On our restday in Warszawa we tried to do as little as possible, relaxing in the capitals biggest park, looking at people and dogs playing in an fountain, eating good food, biking around in the old city.



When time came for us to leave Warszawa the sun decided to follow us. After a long day of biking that started with us trying to find our way out of Warszawa we could not find any camping or a good place to pitch our tent. Fields and houses lined the road. We biked into a village to ask if we could pitch a tent in someones garden. Within minuets we find ourself in a family gathering and we were welcomed with open arms. Food, home made Bimber (strong vodka) and a lot´s of love. It was like walking in on a movie set where they were recording a romantic comedy about a fantastic family. From one minute to the other we were dragged in to this party atmosphere and positive energy. We forgot that we were tired and needed to sleep. Lovely evening with lovely people who was followed by a breakfast with scrambled eggs made from their own hens. When it as time to leave the family filled our panniers with everything eatable, cucumber, tomatoes, bread, yoghurt, home made jam. One thing we learned about the Polish people is that you can´t say no to them. You will be taken care of and feed no matter how much you tell them it´s not necessary.

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