Happy life in Poland

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Poland invited us with a smile of two fantastic brothers and when it said goodbye, it left us with a bittersweet feeling. We did´nt want to leave, on the other hand we took with us memories and friendship that will last a lifetime.

Leaving the movie set we cycled and wild camped for two days before we got to our final destination in Poland.

Touringbike Biketouring Carolina Nordfors Per Karlström

Carolina Nordfors Camping biketour

I´m a firm believer that if you do amazing things or travel to amazing places, you will most certainly meet amazing people. And so we did, already in Estonia on our fourth day of cycling we met a lovely family from Poland, Anna Jerzy and their daughter. They invited us to spend a few days in their house when we got that far on the trip, and so we did. After some navigation errors we were stranded at their street address but in another town.


No problem, i was just 25 minutes away with a car so they picked us up. It turned out that they live in an amazing house that is something like a creative hub. After they showed us our room we had dinner in the garden. Barbecue over a fire pit right next to a tree with lanterns in it, imagine that and ad a few glasses of beer and wine. The day after the daughter in the house Tola went to her first day in kindergarten and when the kids presented their summer memories she said “I have two Swedish people that are traveling the world by bike, I can bring them tomorrow” and so she did.




We spent the last days in Poland trekking in the mountains, walking the dog around the lake and partying. Just like it should be. Our border crossing to Czech republic was a walk in the park. The velovelo team cycled with Anna without any bags or luggage. The rest of the family packed our belongings in their car and drove it to a friends place in Cieszyn, where we spent the night. The day after we got a tour of the city before we headed out to climb some really brutal hills in burning sun.





Per Karlström Carolina Nordfors cyklar jorden runt

Foto Photo Per Karlström Cyklar jorden runt

Per Karlström Biketouring Cycling



Hope to meet this lovely family again in Spain around New Year´s.