The secret mission

In Warsaw we calculated how long it would take us to get to Porec on the Croatian coast, the place where Carolinas father has a house. Also Carolinas mother and grandparents were visiting the house and were due to leave a few days prior to our arrival. Before we set out on the trip we had already decided to rest there for a while when we got there. The plan was to arrive in late September, we did´nt want to rush through the first leg of the journey. About two month of travel would give us enough time to cycle five days a week and rest for two days. But when we looked at the distance to Porec from Warsaw and pinned a rough plan on the map, we changed the plan to reach Porec on time to surprise Carolinas family. This meant that we had to skip rest days and put in more hours of cycling every day. Also up until the south of Poland the landscape were really flat. So far we had just made a few really small climbs. Entering Czech republic republic, Austria and Slovenia would be much more challenging. To surprise the family we also had to limit our updates on social media and our website. When we posted about Poland we were in Austria and so on.

Now reporting from Croatia and looking back on the long way from Warsaw to Porec, it was very hard and sometimes completely exhausting to make over 100km per day in the mountains and hills on a fully loaded touring bike. We even got five days with the family, more than we had hoped for. Was it worth it? Hell yeah, it was! The fantastic reaction we met when we showed up in the garden at dinner, that alone made us forget that we got up a 5am that day and cycled about 150km in the heat of the day. At the moment we are getting much needed time to rest and recover. We have been taking part in the harvest of grapes to make wine and will stay until the olives has ripened for harvest. This will give us about one month here.

Wildcamping Biketour cykelresa Per Karlström

Camping Wildcamping Per Karlström

Per Karlström Cyklar jorden runt

At the moment we have no more surprises in store so we will share the stories from the last weeks soon.