Time to move on

We estimate to get going again soon. As soon as the olives are ready for harvest. Looks like the harvest will be on Sunday and that means we will be back in the saddle on Wednesday. It´s been over a month now since we arrived here. It´s may sound like quite a long wait, but don´t worry, we have been busy in the garden and been munching on the fruit, vedge and mushrooms of the season. We got here just...

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Steep climbs, burning sun and cool people

Lina Nordfors, Per Karlström, cykla jorden runt, Slovenien

Leaving Cieszyn we soon realized that the landscape was changing and the horizon were covered by mountains. As we were on an mission to get to Croatia on time to meet Carolinas family we had to cover more ground every day. The midday temperature also meant we had to get out of our sleeping bags early to cycle for a few hours before the sun got to high in the sky. A long siesta was crucial around lunchtime and when...

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