Moving on

The olives are in the bag, or the oil is in the tank. It was hard work to get it there. Its quite a process actually. We and a team of eight helped Carolinas father to pick every single olive by hand. It took us two days and we also had time to eat good food and drinks during the harvest. In total we picked 1050kg. The actual picking is more like scraping the olives from the tree with your hands and letting them fall on a very big sheet of nylon fabric. We decided us into two teams for the picking and “Team Sweden” were the fastest, it could have something to do with our teammates, Istrian super pickers with years of experience. Once we gathered all the olives from a day of picking you rush to your favorite oil presser and pray that all the other farmers in the area are not picking that day. The sooner you press the better the quality of the oil. When we got to the press there was a queue that delayed us for one and a half hour. We were obviously not the only one harvesting when the weather gave us an opportunity.. Pick the olives is all about timing. They have to be just perfect, not to ripe and also not to unripe. So usually we can’t take part in the harvest. To get time off from work with such a short notice that time of the year and get there on time is near impossible. We are so glad that we planned this as a part of our trip. We got to experience something new and at the same time spend time with friends and family.

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Our bags are now filled to the top with all the good stuff of the season. Tomato sauce, figs in cognac and one liter of fresh pressed olive oil. What else do you need?

We are now slowly cycling the coastline of the Adriatic sea. It feels great to be back in the saddle again.