Piano in Milano

We have now reached the point where we are realizing that we can do everything and don’t have do anything. It´s a nice feeling. It´s the same feeling that we had on the summer holidays when we were kids. When we wake up in the morning we start with a blank sheet of paper. The feeling of complete freedom was a bit annoying in the beginning, we started to set up deadlines and goals for the day or the week. Since we left Croatia it have felt like we’ve been reset and can enjoy the moment even more. We don´t push our selves to make any extreme kilometers in a day and are living more in the present. We are not even to bothered by weather or wind anymore, but as it´s getting a bit cold, we do appreciate the sun even more. The past two weeks we have been cruising the Adriatic coast and have now reached Milano. Milano, Milano, Milano, what a city. It´s now more than three moths since we left Sweden and we had out fair share of inner cities, restaurant, cafes, bars, parks and other mandatories when visiting a new place. We usually just find it annoying to cycle trough a big city but Milano is something special to us. We have found a new pace here. It may be that we are now on a new level of letting go from the everyday life, but also we are convinced that Milano with is´t beauty and passion for now great food are definitely helping us out. Not to mention the fantastic people we have had the chance to hang out with. Starting with our first couch surfing hosts Chiara and Dario who not only offered us a place to stay, but also fantastic company and nights out. And the last few days we had the opportunity to spent time with my former college and now friend Cinzia who offered us her apartment, guiding and great dinner conversations. Thank you, it means a lot to us.
One of the strangest traditions in Milano is spinning on the bull’s balls in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, you do it to gain good luck and according to legend, if you do it, you may return one day and make Milano you hometown. We did´t do it yet, but maybe we will on the way out tomorrow.

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In the next few days we are entering France and have quite big expectations on the riviera and it´s reputation as the sunniest place in Europe.