The riviera, offseason

Biketouring Per Karlström

 Now reporting from Spain.

We know, it´s been awhile since we posted anything.

A bit sad we finished our last pizza from the pizzeria next door in Milano and packed our panniers. Loaded the bikes and hit the road again. We cycled on a bike lane following a canal. Even if we had a really good time in Milano it was great to be back in the saddle. It was obvious to us that winter had arrived when we had to sweep ice from the tent next morning. It was a bit hard to leave the sleeping bag when it was that cold, but as always in Italy, as soon as you hit the road your will soon find a place that serves a perfect espresso to get the system going again. From that day on we have been surfing a seasonal cold wave that has pushed us forward. As soon as we go inland or reach higher ground the wave hits us. Most of the time the weather has been perfect for cycling during the day and perfect for lighting a candle in the tent and stay in a warm sleeping bag. The Days are very short, so we usually don´t get very far in a day.


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About one week ago we got some really useful information from a French lady when we asked for the nearest shop “it´s winter now”. It really is offseason here at the moment. Most of the places on the coast we visit seem to be ghost towns. Most shops and restaurants are closed. Sometimes when we stop for a cup of coffee at a bar the few locals in the bar look at us like we are aliens. Also judging by the service level we guess that they also hope for a few months with no tourist at all.

The offseason has one fantastic benefit, we can pretty mush chose any beach that is not situated in a big city and pitch our tent on it. After 6PM we usually have the beach all to our self. There is nothing like a campfire on a beach on a cold night.
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Per Karlström camping

We have spent some nights with hosts from warm and and a few nights in hotels or B&Bs. It has been a pleasure to stay with hosts as they offer a insight to everyday life in the countries we have visited. We have not met the same helpfulness and hospitality in Italy and France as we enjoyed in the beginning of the trip. And it actually felt very nice to leave France and cross the border into Spain. We have only been in Spain for a few days but already like it much better.

That´s all for now. Tomorrow we expect to reach Barcelona and will have a holiday from the road.
We also expect to have more time to update the blog and write a few more stories.
At the moment we are to busy :).
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