Next stop Africa

Wildcamping cykla jorden runt Per Karlström

We are now in the not so fantastic city of Almeria. Early tomorrow morning the ferry will take us to Morocco, or actually to Melilla, from there we will cycle into Morocco. We couldn’t be more exited. This marks the end to our journey in Europe for now and the start to our journey in Africa. If we learned something on this trip, it´s that to never be optimistic when it comes to how long it will take us to...

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Pushing forward

Pushing forward sometimes often mean pushing upwards, like some days ago. People often ask us how we stay motivated on a hard day, how we manage not stop pushing when reaching the point of exhaustion. That´s not the hardest we would say. What´s hard is to know when to stop pushing yourself when your body says no but your mind is set on biking. To push yourself over the next hill, reaching the nearby city, covering enough ground to arrive...

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Six months down the road

We had a super long holiday in Barcelona and Madrid, both great cities, for over a month. Apart from resting a lot and eating like crazy we really enjoyed to spend a long time in one city and get to know it better, without the stress to see as much as possible before it´s time to move on or go home as we usually have to when traveling. This gave us an opportunity to hang out with family and friends...

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