Six months down the road

We had a super long holiday in Barcelona and Madrid, both great cities, for over a month. Apart from resting a lot and eating like crazy we really enjoyed to spend a long time in one city and get to know it better, without the stress to see as much as possible before it´s time to move on or go home as we usually have to when traveling. This gave us an opportunity to hang out with family and friends and also to meet new friends. Our bikes spent some quality time with a really good mechanic, so they are also very happy.  

The first two nights we stayed with a friend in Barcelona and after that we rented our own room in a house full of nice people from different places. We helped new friends to build stuff for an opera stage at a scenographic studio, never did that before. The day before christmas Anja and Jerzy arrived in town so we spent christmas together. They are the family we stayed with in Poland for a few days, you will probably remember them from old photos. So happy to meet them again.
In Madrid we stayed with our friends Emma and Isra and in an apartment that Linas sister and her boyfriend had rented. We all celebrated New Year´s together. Emma and Isra are amazing hosts and Emma was amazing guide when we walked around town.

Rohloff Barcelona Bikeshop DSCF8349 DSCF8372

We had the opportunity to spend a few nights in an amazing apartment i Cabo De Palos. Thanks a lot Adamas family for sharing this amazing place with us. During our stay we also celebrated that we now have been on the road for over six months. In one way it feels like we left Sweden just a few weeks ago, but when we take time to think about the first weeks on this trip it feels like it was years ago. We have experienced so many great things on this trips that our memory sometimes get blurry. We find that the best way to remember is to open a map and follow the rout from day one. Looking at the map we already find a lifetime of encounters, natural beauty and stories.
The exiting feeling of not knowing what awaits us around the next corner will keep us going for a long time and whenever we feel like it we will stop and enjoy what we find.


This man invited us to stay in his house on a really cold night. We had a good time. Thank you very much Jose.


Snow for the fist time on this trip.

Biketouring cycling Spain Carolina Nordfors biketouring spain DSCF8433 Carolina Nordfors

We saddled up again and started following the coastline. This time with Kalle Zackari Wahlström and a TV crew. We have never been on national television before so it´s very exiting. Every thing we did also took about nine times longer. But who cares, we have a lot of time.


Camping on the beach, Tent

At the moment the most exiting thing is that we are soon leaving Europe for Africa. Cant wait, we have cycled in Europe for a really long time now.

Camping on the beach Spain biketouring

Per Karlström & Carolina Nordfors