Next stop Africa

Wildcamping cykla jorden runt Per Karlström

We are now in the not so fantastic city of Almeria. Early tomorrow morning the ferry will take us to Morocco, or actually to Melilla, from there we will cycle into Morocco. We couldn’t be more exited.

This marks the end to our journey in Europe for now and the start to our journey in Africa. If we learned something on this trip, it´s that to never be optimistic when it comes to how long it will take us to reach a place. Anyway next big milestone is Cape Town. Guess we will get there in a year or so, a year, when writing it I smile a bit. It´s a long time, and a long way to get there. I guess a lot of things can and will happen along the way.  

For me getting of the boat is not just another border crossing as any other. It´s a dream come true, in a better way than I could ever imagine. I have set foot on the continent a few times before but a few years ago I could never have imagined that I would one day return to spend a year there, even more if I want to. This time I will have the opportunity to explore the continent on a touring bike. Judging from the past months in Europe this will be an amazing way to explore Africa

Thinking of the future triggers a lot in my head so I put together the first words that pops up.

Cycling in Africa. Biketouring Africa. Bike tour Africa

Per Karlström