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… and a new continent. A very bittersweet and by far the most hectic border crossing. Looking at the map we found two roads that would take us over the border from Melilla so we took the closest one, expecting to do a visa application at the border. We were quite surprised when we got there. As two cyclists with Swedish flags the police just gave us the signal to pass all the cars i line (about 20) and waved at us to continue through the first check point and the second, even the third. When we did´nt see any more check points we asked the last officer at the border where we could fill in our application, he looked even more surprised then we were. He turned around to the other officers and shouted something. Another police officer that we had already passed caught up with us and asked us, don´t you have a visa? And we did´nt. It turned out that we were able to cross the border with everyone assuming or trusted us to have a visa without even asking. Needless to say, we were the only ones at the border treated this way, not to mention the people crossing from the other side. They just asked us to turn around (to enter EU again), no questions asked and guided us to the next border who had a check point where we could get our visas.

At the other border control we were once again guided through the crowd by cheering police officers and had to wait for awhile before we could fill in our application. A very simple procedure where I (Per) could get visas for the both of us while Carolina waited a few meters away. Again, nice and simple with no questions asked. Thought pleasant for us we were exhausted afterwards. I guess it´s impossible to make a crossing like this without feeling a huge amount of compassion for the other making that crossing from both sides. For example the guy that was beat up by the police just a few meters from us, for whatever reason. The other 99,99% crossing with us that was treated like cattle, just to cross the border into a new country, not to mention the people crossing from the other side to enter EU, I did´nt hear anyone sheering them on. No Venga, venga!!!, Ale, Ale!!! or good luck for the people that need it the most.

Per Karlström Carolina Nordfors Cyklar jorden runt

On the ferry to Melilla

Per Karlström Carolina Nordfors cycling around the world