How did we end up here?

Per Karlström Cyklar jorden runt

Many times when we wake up in the morning it takes us a few seconds to think about where we are and how we got there.

Like the other day, we woke up in an apartment in Driouch, Morocco. How did we end up there. It´s a long story. When packing up our camp the morning before Carolina felt really sick again. For those who don´t know she had a really bad stomach in Spain before we left for Africa. She was felling better so we decided to take the ferry to Melilla and then keep cycling to Rabat. When we passed Nador the pain in her stomach was back and she could no longer hold food or even water. In the afternoon she got a bit better again, so we went off-road and found really good spot to wild camp. We pitched the tent and made dinner in the sunset. It felt so good to be back on the road again, but it wouldn’t last for long. The next morning when we packed our bikes and set off she was feeling a bit sick again. Cycling in the burning sun she got badly dehydrated and lost all her powers, the last kilometer to the next village she couldn’t even push the bike.


We rested in a bar and had a snack and some cold water. That didn’t help so we had to get to a hospital, easier said than done. It turned out that the closest hospital was 30km away and cycling wasn’t an option. We asked a man in the bar and within a  minute about twenty men got involved to find us a driver. The men in the bar told us we had to wait a while before takeoff. Apparently the police was about to bust members of the local mafia, so it was safer not to be in the streets at the time. The bust took place down the street and was over in 15 minutes. We ended up in a minibus that drove us to what we was told to be a big city (it wasn’t). At least we found a hospital that took really good care of Carolina and put her on antibiotics again. Leaving the hospital we couldn’t find a hotel or a place to sleep. Luckily for us one of the nurses offered us to stay in her apartment for the night. She was working a long shift so we had the place to our selves. Carolina had a good rest and we decided to jump on our bikes and leave early the next morning. This proved impossible. When we woke up we just ate some bread and drank some water, this was enough to get her stomach to cramp again. This thing in her stomach wasn´t going away easily. We were advised to go back to Nador or further to Rabat because in the area around Driouch there are no big towns. Amina, our hero from the hospital offered us a ride with the ambulance driver. A bit reluctant we decided to go with a car to Rabat, where we are now. The diction process wasn’t that easy. It may sound stupid but when we have planned to cycle around the world we really don´t want to go over 400km in a car. On the other hand when one of us gets really sick we can´t just ignore the fact that we need to stop and rest. This time it also meant we needed to get to a place with hotels, good pharmacies and a hospital.

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Carolina has been resting a lot and it seems like the Antibiotics are doing a great job. She eats and drinks almost like normal again. The last two days we have been exploring the city in a slow pace.
We love Morocco and are amazed by the helpfulness and friendliness we have met so far.