A post of gratitude

Foto Per Karlström cyklar jorden runt

I´m not saying this journey have been a walk in the park, but the problems we faced so far have been solved quite easily. We have pushed our bikes on really bad roads, up very steep hills and some long ones taking us hours to climb. During the winter we faced some really bad weather. Sometimes it kept raining for days and some mornings was so cold that we did´nt want to leave our sleeping bags and the tent was...

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“You are stars!”

Per Karlström & Carolina Nordfors cyklar jorden runt. Biketour Morocco

This post was written some time ago in Casablanca, we are now in Essaouira. When we had lunch in downtown Casablanca a man who passed by stopped to show us something on his phone. With a big smile he said “you are stars!” and played a video of us. Apparently he had seen us on the way to Casablanca and filmed us. That´s how exotic we look nowadays on the road. That pretty much summarized our last two days on...

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