“You are stars!”

Per Karlström & Carolina Nordfors cyklar jorden runt. Biketour Morocco

This post was written some time ago in Casablanca, we are now in Essaouira.

When we had lunch in downtown Casablanca a man who passed by stopped to show us something on his phone. With a big smile he said “you are stars!” and played a video of us. Apparently he had seen us on the way to Casablanca and filmed us. That´s how exotic we look nowadays on the road. That pretty much summarized our last two days on the road. I think we have actually been in more photos than we have shot our selves. Even when we stopped at a festival with a horserace we were asked if people could take pictures with us. We were invited to drink tea with one of the horse owners and stayed to watch the race. A fantastic event.

Carolina Nordfors cyklar i Marocko, Foto Per Karlström

Travelling Morocco, Per Karlström Photo Per Karlström cycling Morocco

Anyway, we are getting used to it. It also seems like everywhere we go there are at least 5 men who are willing to help us find whatever we are looking for. If we enter a restaurant, usually a group of guys will ask us what we would like to eat before the waiter arrives. If there is a language barrier someone who speaks english will magically appear after a few minutes. The other day a taxi driver slowed down and told us if we needed help or got in any trouble we could just call him. He pulled over and gave us his number. He spoke very good english after a few years in the states, so even to just translate.

Cycling Morocco, Photo Carolina Nordfors Medina Casablanca Per Karlström Medina Rabat, Per Karlström Per Karlström cyklar jorden runt, Marocko

As tourists there are of course a risk that anyone that approaches us may want to rip us off or try to earn some extra money by helping us. So far that hasn’t been an issue. Anyway we figured that it´s much better to greet the people we meet on this journey with open arms and risk paying a bit for it in the end, rather than behave like assholes to strangers as a saving strategy. Makes no sense.  

We have also been busy helping others in Rabat. We have been serving food and a lot of love. For anyone who knows Carolina you have probably already figured out that we are talking about cat´s. For a few days we spent more on cat food than on food for our selves. I am also convinced that spending much time with cat´s Carolina recovered much faster.

Carolina Nordfors Rabat Morocco Photo Per Karlström, Morocco, Rabat

Carolina Nordfors, Medina Rabat, Morocco

Today is office day in Essaouira, stay tuned for more updates!


Per Karlström & Carolina Nordfors