A post of gratitude

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I´m not saying this journey have been a walk in the park, but the problems we faced so far have been solved quite easily. We have pushed our bikes on really bad roads, up very steep hills and some long ones taking us hours to climb. During the winter we faced some really bad weather. Sometimes it kept raining for days and some mornings was so cold that we did´nt want to leave our sleeping bags and the tent was covered in frost. In Italy, France and Spain we sometimes had a hard time finding a place to sleep (pitch the tent). In densely populated areas we usually ended up searching for a place to camp in the dark. When asking the locals if we could pitch the tent in their farm or garden we usually got turned down. In Morocco we have faced another problem witch is quite the opposite, we haven’t been able to accept every invite. The hospitality here is incredible. On the road from Rabat to Essaouira we have met so many friendly and nice people that helped and invited us for something to eat and drink also a place in their home to sleep. We have also learned a new hand sign. We were relived to find that thumbs down doesn’t mean that we are doing something wrong or bad, in Morocco it´s the sign for teapot. We were very happy to find out that all those people on the side on the road giving us the tombs down, just offered us something to drink. Also a bit embarrassed of the way we had turned down their invitations. We learned this when a man stepped out on the road to stop his dog from chasing us. He gave us the thumbs down and said tea, tea, tea. We accepted the invitation and we had lunch together. When it was time to leave he suggested that we should stay and sleep there for one night. It was a bit early in the day and we needed to cover more ground to make it to Essaouira on time.

Foto Per Karlström

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The day after we stopped in Whalidia at a campsite that turned out to be a parking for camper vans. Not the best option but we had no energy to continue that day. It turned out better than we could ever had hoped for. On the way to the beach we stopped ta have a drink and met a very charming and friendly man. After talking for a while he invited us to stay in his amazing house that night. We just upgraded from pitching our tent between two campers on tarmac to a lovely big house with an amazing garden and a view over the ocean to die for. Ha had a peacock and two puppies in the garden. Fantastic! He took us on a guided tour around the area in the car. The tour even included a pit stop with beer for me and oysters for Carolina. We ended the day with a couscous dinner and wine. Unfortunately we could only stay for one night as we had over 200km to cycle in two days to reach Essaouira on time. So we needed to cycle at least 100km that day and we would have if we did´nt get another super friendly invite that day. During the hottest hours we stopped for some rest in the shade. On our way into a park we were invited for picnic lunch with a family. What more can you ask for after cycling for hours in the burning sun. The family also asked us to stay in their place in Safi that night. Whey were so nice and friendly that we couldn’t turn down the invite and we are so glad that we stayed the night. That afternoon and evening we went for a guided tour around town after tea and pastry. We had an amazing late night couscous dinner. The following morning we enjoyed a breakfast that beat any hotels. Again hard to leave new friends like that.

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To all the people that have invited us to your homes and giving us a great time we would lite to thank you a lot. We are forever grateful that you have filled this part of our trip with an everlasting memory of kindness and hospitality.

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