Cyclists from Ibrahimovic

Foto Per Karlström cykla jorden runt

We are covering a lot of ground at the moment. We get up early and cycle long days. There are some places along the road where we can find some shelter and rest in the shade. The distance between villages and small towns are getting longer, usually about 100km or more. Sometimes when the road goes really close to ocean we have a nice cool breeze and even clouds. And there is nothing better than camping close to the ocean...

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Hot hot hot!

Per Karlström cyklar jorden runt, Carolina Nordfors

The fact that we pretty much do what we want, whenever we want may seem like a true blessing. It is, the only downside is that we are a bit limited by law and order. Like now for instance, our visa is expiring in Morocco. We have done some research online about the visa in Morocco and found that it´s possible to extend the visa for 90 days at any local police station. That´s true. We just didn’t read the...

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