Hot hot hot!

Per Karlström cyklar jorden runt, Carolina Nordfors

The fact that we pretty much do what we want, whenever we want may seem like a true blessing. It is, the only downside is that we are a bit limited by law and order. Like now for instance, our visa is expiring in Morocco. We have done some research online about the visa in Morocco and found that it´s possible to extend the visa for 90 days at any local police station. That´s true. We just didn’t read the part that it´s only possible if you open a local bank account and have a permanent address.

Now we have to really push our selves to make it over the border to Mauritania in time.
It´s not like we have to, but if we don´t want to catch a bus or some other form of transport, we have to pedal like crazy. at least 80km every day for the next three weeks. So at the moment we are really hoping for the cyclists best friend, tailwinds, very strong tailwinds. 80km per day is usually not an issue, but at this time of the year it´s extremely hot in Sahara. Today and tomorrow the temp is reaching over 40°c. We expected it to be hot down here and that we would have a bit more time to cycle across this region. At the moment it´s possible to cycle until 10:30 in the morning and from 18:00 at night. Well, it´s also possible during the day, but then we are completely exhausted after just a few kilometers. During the night it´s way to dangerous to be on the roads. Riding in clear daylight is exiting enough. Yesterday we struggled uphill for 55km. During the hottest hour of the day we rested in the shade under a tree. After our morning ride all our clothes felt stiff and a bit like sandpaper from all the salts we had been sweating. The last hour before the sun went down we finally reached the top and cruised down the mountain in search for a place to stay. Lucky us! We met a fantastic woman who offered us to stay on the roof over her goat stable. We didn’t even bother to pitch the tent. Sleeping under a starry sky when the temperature dropped and a cool breeze hit us was another amazing experience we will never forget.

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We probably have had to much of a good time in Morocco, making new friend and spending much time in some fantastic places. Like spending time with amazing people and hanging around the countryside in Essaouira, where we borrowed a fantastic house from our friend Karin. Such an amazing opportunity for us. And more recently a newfound friend, Silvia offered us a place to stay in Agadir. It truly feels like we have had a wonderful chance to really get to know Morocco and it´s culture. It´s something that we appreciate and value much higher than cycling fast and making short rest stops along the way.

More about that later.