Cycling in the Sahara desert, Mauritania

Per Karlström, Carolina Nordfors cycling in the Sahara desert

After a long stay in Nouadhibou due to the drone accident we were ready to leave. The town itself we hadn´t explor to the fullest but we really didn´t have an interest in doing so. We know the strong winds wouldn´t be in our favor but nothing could prepare us for what was coming.

Our first day of cycling from Nouadhibou, Mauritania was one of our hardest so far. Since we were going north for the first 86km we fought a really strong headwind and sometimes sidewind. It resulted in a long day of puching the bike and cycling super slow.

We expected to bike the 86km in one day but instead it took us two days. After cycling the second day we reached an auberge and got a chance to shower. The sand and dust we had collected was not easy to wash of our bodies and the sand we got in our belongings and panniers we still carry with us.

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