Gambia to Senegal

Cycling the world Bike tour Senegal Gambia

Just the thought of not knowing where you will sleep tonight or any other night, may at first sound frightening. For sure sometimes it is. For us it´s one of the best thing about traveling they way we do. I would say that in general it always turns out better than we could ever expect. When looking back on all the fantastic places we´ve pitched our tent in and all the amazing people who invited us, I know for sure...

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Our cycling through Senegal to Gambia contained new friends, as always on the road. Rain which we had longing for. Upset stomachs and caotic ferry rides. You can see it all in this youtubevideo: If you were impressed by Linas Safari helmet in the video you can check out how she made it here:

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Crossing the Diama border

Per Karlström, Lina Nordfors, cykla jorden runt, cykla, nomad, vagabond, Mauritanien, Diama border, Senegal

The border crossing from Mauritania to Senegal should be one of the worst borders in West Africa. We had the border crossing Rosso or Diama to choose from and after some reading on the world wide web we decided to go for Diama as it should be calmer then the Rosso border. Our previous border crossings was anything but calm. Me getting hit by cars two times at the border to Morocco. Our passports almost blew away in the strong...

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Language barrier

Lina Nordfors, Per Karlström, cykla jorden runt, Mauritania

After leaving Nouakchott the landscape changed for the better. We now had several options of places to hide from the hot sun at during the days. The further south in Mauritania we biked the more options we got. And we knew it would be even greener when we entered Senegal so that was where our goal was set. Two days before our border crossing we woke up in our tent in a small Mauritanian village, or gathering of houses. We...

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One year anniversary

Lina och Per cyklar jorden runt, Cycling Mauritania

We thought we left Nouakchott the morning of our one year on the road anniversary. But being on the road for a year, depending only on each other and what we feel like doing we have forgot how a calendar works. Or we just don´t really care. Apparently July has 31 days and not 30. Luckily we got Sarah in our lives kindly asking if we didn't leave Uppsala, Sweden 1 of August and not 31 of July. She was...

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One year on the road- bike adventure in Sahara

Carolina Nordfors och Per Karlström cyklar jorden runt

We finally made it out of the Sahara desert. In this video you can follow us biking from Nouakchott on our way to Senegal where we are now. We also got to celebrate or one year on the road with the mauritanian family Grimol! See how we prepared for this part of our trip here and part 1 here.

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One year on the road

Per Karlström Carolina Nordfors cyklar jorden runt

It feels like yesterday when we pedalled our way out of Uppsala that Monday morning a year ago. It´s so easy to reassemble the fresh breeze as we waved goodbye to the city that have been our home for so many years. The feeling of total freedom hit us instantly when rolling out of the city on our bikes. Until that point none of us had realise that this was real. That we we´re really doing this. We were now...

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Cycling in the Sahara desert, Mauritania

Per Karlström, Carolina Nordfors cycling in the Sahara desert

After a long stay in Nouadhibou due to the drone accident we were ready to leave. The town itself we hadn´t explor to the fullest but we really didn´t have an interest in doing so. We know the strong winds wouldn´t be in our favor but nothing could prepare us for what was coming. Our first day of cycling from Nouadhibou, Mauritania was one of our hardest so far. Since we were going north for the first 86km we...

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Videos from our bike tour

Cycling around the world, video, Per Karlström Carolina Nordfors

Don´t miss our vlogs on youtube where you can follow our adventure on our bikes around the world.

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Cyclists from Ibrahimovic

Foto Per Karlström cykla jorden runt

We are covering a lot of ground at the moment. We get up early and cycle long days. There are some places along the road where we can find some shelter and rest in the shade. The distance between villages and small towns are getting longer, usually about 100km or more. Sometimes when the road goes really close to ocean we have a nice cool breeze and even clouds. And there is nothing better than camping close to the ocean...

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Hot hot hot!

Per Karlström cyklar jorden runt, Carolina Nordfors

The fact that we pretty much do what we want, whenever we want may seem like a true blessing. It is, the only downside is that we are a bit limited by law and order. Like now for instance, our visa is expiring in Morocco. We have done some research online about the visa in Morocco and found that it´s possible to extend the visa for 90 days at any local police station. That´s true. We just didn’t read the...

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A post of gratitude

Foto Per Karlström cyklar jorden runt

I´m not saying this journey have been a walk in the park, but the problems we faced so far have been solved quite easily. We have pushed our bikes on really bad roads, up very steep hills and some long ones taking us hours to climb. During the winter we faced some really bad weather. Sometimes it kept raining for days and some mornings was so cold that we did´nt want to leave our sleeping bags and the tent was...

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“You are stars!”

Per Karlström & Carolina Nordfors cyklar jorden runt. Biketour Morocco

This post was written some time ago in Casablanca, we are now in Essaouira. When we had lunch in downtown Casablanca a man who passed by stopped to show us something on his phone. With a big smile he said “you are stars!” and played a video of us. Apparently he had seen us on the way to Casablanca and filmed us. That´s how exotic we look nowadays on the road. That pretty much summarized our last two days on...

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How did we end up here?

Per Karlström Cyklar jorden runt

Many times when we wake up in the morning it takes us a few seconds to think about where we are and how we got there. Like the other day, we woke up in an apartment in Driouch, Morocco. How did we end up there. It´s a long story. When packing up our camp the morning before Carolina felt really sick again. For those who don´t know she had a really bad stomach in Spain before we left for Africa....

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Morocco, country #15…

Bike tour around the world Morocco

… and a new continent. A very bittersweet and by far the most hectic border crossing. Looking at the map we found two roads that would take us over the border from Melilla so we took the closest one, expecting to do a visa application at the border. We were quite surprised when we got there. As two cyclists with Swedish flags the police just gave us the signal to pass all the cars i line (about 20) and waved...

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Next stop Africa

Wildcamping cykla jorden runt Per Karlström

We are now in the not so fantastic city of Almeria. Early tomorrow morning the ferry will take us to Morocco, or actually to Melilla, from there we will cycle into Morocco. We couldn’t be more exited. This marks the end to our journey in Europe for now and the start to our journey in Africa. If we learned something on this trip, it´s that to never be optimistic when it comes to how long it will take us to...

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Pushing forward

Pushing forward sometimes often mean pushing upwards, like some days ago. People often ask us how we stay motivated on a hard day, how we manage not stop pushing when reaching the point of exhaustion. That´s not the hardest we would say. What´s hard is to know when to stop pushing yourself when your body says no but your mind is set on biking. To push yourself over the next hill, reaching the nearby city, covering enough ground to arrive...

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Six months down the road

We had a super long holiday in Barcelona and Madrid, both great cities, for over a month. Apart from resting a lot and eating like crazy we really enjoyed to spend a long time in one city and get to know it better, without the stress to see as much as possible before it´s time to move on or go home as we usually have to when traveling. This gave us an opportunity to hang out with family and friends...

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The riviera, offseason

Biketouring Per Karlström

 Now reporting from Spain. We know, it´s been awhile since we posted anything. A bit sad we finished our last pizza from the pizzeria next door in Milano and packed our panniers. Loaded the bikes and hit the road again. We cycled on a bike lane following a canal. Even if we had a really good time in Milano it was great to be back in the saddle. It was obvious to us that winter had arrived when we had...

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