Cycled in June- August 2017

Overall satisfaction level 2
Price level 4
Roads 2
People 3
Nature 4

+ During Ramadan there is less traffic in the morning.

To think about: Alcohol is forbidden by the law.

Common that internet is down. Wifi in cafés or restaurants is often extremely slow. Sim card with internet is easy to buy anywhere. We used orange.

When biking in the desert requires planning so you don’t run out of water. Freewheely has a good list of where to find water both in Western Sahara and in Mauritania.

It’s hard to find plastic bags, or garbage cans to throw your trash, so bring some along.

During Ramadan a lot of shops and restaurants is closed during the day and do not open until the afternoon or evening.

If you are crossing the border to Senegal the Diama border is smoother then the Rosso border. We manage to cross the Diama border in an hour. You apply for the visa (30 days) at the border.

Worth a visit: Diawling Nationalpark.

Usable language: Arabic, French, Spanish and Wolof.