Per Karlström Carolina Norfdfors Camping MoroccoCycled in Mars-June 2016

Overall satisfaction level 4
Price level 4
Roads 2
People 4
Nature 3

+ During Ramadan there is less traffic in the morning.

To think about: Since there is not a cash machine in every village it´s good to have euros or dollar if you run out of dirham.

The current currency is dirham but in some places (specially on the countryside) they count in Moroccan France which is the old currency replaced at 1960.

During Ramadan a lot of shops and restaurants is closed during the day and do not open until the afternoon or evening.

You can get a visa for 90 days at the border. A visa for additional 90 days require a home address and a moroccan bank account.

Common that internet is down. Wifi in cafés or restaurants is often extremely slow. Sim card with internet is easy to buy in cities and can be recharged almost everywhere, look for Orange and Maroc telecom signs. Maroc telecom has better access in the south (West Sahara). The internet connection is usually a bit weaker on the countryside. Following the national road from Tantan to Mauritania the connection is surprisingly well. In general the internet is quit slow from Friday afternoon til Monday morning. Sim card about 2 euro. 3GB for 3 euro 1 week, 5 GB for 5 euro 1 month.

It’s hard to find plasticbags (it’s forbidden to sell them) or garbage cans to throw you’re garbage, so bring some along.

Worth a visit: Medina in Rabat. The less touristic medina out of the four we visited in Morocco. Cheep and tasty street food.

Paradise Valley outside of Agadir. Rock pools and waterfalls created by Tamraght River in the High Atlas.

A hamam. You don´t know what it means to be clean until you visit a hamam.

Usable language: Moroccan arabic, French, Berber, Amazigh.