Cycled in August and September 2017

Overall satisfaction level 3
Price level 4
Roads 4
People 2
Nature 4

+ Nice dirt roads and beautiful nature. Lot’s of Bambao trees.

To think about: Some of the main roads are not that nice to bike along because they are damaged by tourism. And by that we mean kids running after you, shouting for candy and trying to grab you, your bike or your panniers while you pass the.

Some dirt roads might flood during rain season which is August- September.

Due to a new law forigner can not register a simcard with phonenumber or for internet. According to the law all simcard must be registred. But you can however buy a simcard with internet on the street and get around that.

If you are crossing the border from Mauritania the Diama border is smoother then the Rosso border. We manage to cross the Diama border in an hour. You apply for the visa (30 days) at the border.

You can get a visa at the border. All crossings (smaller roads) do not have the stamp though).

Worth a visit: Foret de Tambacounda-Nord

Usable language: Wolof, Mandinka och Franska