Lina Nordfors, Per Karlström, cykla jorden runt, spanien, nomad, res, vagabondCycled in November-January 2016-2017

Overall satisfaction level 4
Price level 3
Roads 2
People 4
Nature 4

+ When you order drinks in a bar you get tapas for free (not in Barcelona though)
+ Barcelonas bike lanes which makes it easy to bike in and out of the city.

To think about: Watch out for pickpockets in the big cities, especially Barcelona.

If possible, plan your trip after vias verde routes. Old railways turned into bike routes.

Worth a visit: Aguilas in general and especially the restaurant El pimiento. Great atmosphere and delicious food. That one place where all the locals go. Only open in the evenings.

Barcelona. Could that be on the list without any specifics? Just go there, eat tapas (and when you get tired of tapas you go to the Vietnamese restaurant un Capitol de Vietnam), drink sangria, walk the streets and keep going.

Cabo de Palos, village with a nice atmosphere, great snorkeling and diving.

Usable language: Spanish.