Carolina Nordfors

Carolina Nordfors is an adventure seaking teacher who´s after something you can´t learn from a book.

After years of longing for more time on my hands to travel and enjoy the great outdoors. Dreaming of extended vacations (yes I know I´m a teacher). Even if teaching is both inspiring and challanging it won´t substitute for a real life cultural or adventerous experience. I´m now as ready as I can be to throw myself out for years of nonstop adventure on my bike.

Expected highlight: Destination with the most cats
Will miss the most: Family and friends
Won´t miss at all: Vaccumcleaning
Three favourite items: mobile bikeholder Finn, down sleepingbag, cap
No1 unnecessary item: Hairbrush (could probably just cut it off)
Makes me grumpy: People telling me what to do
Makes me appreciate life: Falling asleep in a warm sleepingbag
Bikebuild highlight: Brooks saddle
Would love to meet: Dr. George McGavin
Would love to spot: Vulcanic eruption

Read about my partner Per Karlström.

Carolina Nordfors, Biketouring, Foto: Per Karlström

Carolina Nordfors, Biketouring, Foto: Per Karlström