Per Karlström

Per Karlström is an adventure seeking, nature loving, dive fanatic with a passion for photography, who also now are adapting to the idea of doing all of this full time while exploring the world by bike.

The outdoors have always had a positive impact on me, no matter if it´s on top of a mountain, in the middle of a rainforest or fully submerged in the sea. When I started to walk I could explore the forests surrounding my home, always with greater trips in mind. Old enough to get on a plane I set out to explore nature in more remote areas of the world. The passion for flora and fauna has always been a driver in my choice of destinations. However interacting with people from other cultures and backgrounds have probably had the biggest impact on me as a person.

Expected highlight: The rainforest of Central Africa
Will miss the most: Snus, when i run out…
Won´t miss at all: Cleaning
Three favourite items: Camera, sunglasses, all things that make fire
No1 unnecessary item: Flask
Makes me grumpy: Low blood sugar
Makes me appreciate life: Warm clear nights
Bikebuild highlight: Jones loop bar
Would love to meet: Sir David Attenborough
Would love to spot: Clouded leopard

Read about my partner Carolina Nordfors.

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